IPEVO donated 100 video teaching cameras to Taipei City to assist in building remote teaching facilities.

IPEVO donated 100 video teaching cameras to Taipei City to assist in building remote teaching facilities.

The measures of suspension and distance teaching brought about by the impact of the epidemic have accelerated the pace of digitization in education. With the increasing demand for video teaching, IPEVO Technology, adhering to the assistance of the education sector's distance learning needs, donated 100 video teaching cameras to the Taipei City Department of Education. These include 18 schools with successful mobile learning initiatives, such as Jin Xin Elementary School, and 28 bilingual experimental curriculum schools, assisting in the construction of distance and hybrid teaching.

IPEVO's video teaching products, which have been adopted by over 60% of K12 schools in the United States and have been awarded the Best STEAM Tool Award, have become essential tools for global next-generation learning. They are compatible with video conferencing software such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, allowing teachers to capture teaching materials, experiment operations, and drawing processes during distance teaching. When combined with built-in cameras in devices, they can simultaneously present the teacher's image and practical demonstrations for students to observe. Every important aspect of "lectures and practical exercises" during teaching will not be overlooked. Many schools in Europe and America are using video teaching cameras to prepare for the return to campus by constructing hybrid teaching. During classes, they display practical demonstration screens using video cameras on large screens, allowing students to observe operational details from their positions.

Principal Lin Yu-Sheng of Ri Xin Elementary School stated that most teachers use laptops or tablet cameras for online teaching. If they can connect an external document camera, it can not only serve as a video conferencing camera but also make good use of its features to show students textbooks, exercises, or other teaching aids. We are grateful for IPEVO’s donation, which allows teachers to present their online lessons in new ways. We believe this will greatly benefit the students' learning.

Taipei City Education Department Director Tseng Tsan-Chin mentioned that although the pandemic is severe, the learning of our city's children has not stopped. Our teachers use various information technology devices to overcome the limitations of time and space. By integrating Taipei Cool School Cloud for synchronous, asynchronous, or blended teaching, students can interact through the camera as if they were still in the classroom, enabling them to study at home safely during class suspensions. We deeply appreciate IPEVO’s contribution to education, which fully demonstrates the spirit of corporate social responsibility.

IPEVO founder and CEO Royce YC Hong said that IPEVO has long supported education in rural Taiwan and public welfare activities, adhering to the concept of giving back to Taiwan and fulfilling social responsibilities. During the severe pandemic period, we hope to assist teachers in transitioning to online teaching without obstacles by using technology. This time, IPEVO donated 100 video teaching cameras to the Taipei City Education Department. With our experience helping tens of thousands of schools and businesses worldwide establish remote video conferencing during last year’s pandemic, we aim to help schools and teachers meet the needs of online teaching, ensuring that courses are not disrupted by the pandemic. IPEVO is also willing to assist other county and city education departments with digitalizing their teaching environments if they need video cameras.



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